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Who is The Fresh Ginger?

The Fresh Ginger is redheaded healthy food creative, Josie Taylor.


When I was a freckled and recklessly unsupervised child, I told people I was going to be a chef when I grew up. Then I grew up and went to acting school instead.

Nine years later, and with a delicate string of memorable roles to my name, I still felt that longing to dive into the recklessly unsupervised world of food. So I took a year out to study nutrition and my life changed forever.

The most significant thing I learned through my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was how to give myself and other people the energy and clarity of mind they need through food. Before that, I’d skip breakfast and wonder why I felt like the world was ending at 11 am. Or I’d get mysterious ‘foggy brain’ all the time and get pissed off at myself for not being sharp enough.

Once I began to notice the different impact foods had on my body – my energy levels, my cells, my mood – it completely revolutionised the kind of food I wanted to eat and the way I wanted to cook it.

I’ll put my hands up now and tell you now, I’m not in any diet tribes: vegan, pegan, paleo or gluten-free.

I’m not keen on restrictive diets, demonising ingredients or ‘eating clean.’

What I am is curious. Curious about what our bodies are capable of doing with the right fuel in them. Curious about how we can use out diets to shape the future of the planet in a more sustainable way. Curious about how much colour and nourishment we can pack into food whilst still making it energy-dense, surprising and delicious.

My basic food philosophy is this: Is the food I’m eating (and the way in which I’m eating it) generating life and vitality for myself and others, or is it taking it away?

I don’t think eating should ever feel like a prison. Instead, let’s add more good things in. Let’s savour all of the choices we make – conscious choices, even the so-called ‘naughty’ ones – with all the adult relish of an orgasmic woman in a chocolate advert.

You ready? I hope we can shake things up together, you and me. Let’s get fresh.


Josie x

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