Who is the Fresh Ginger?

The Fresh Ginger is redheaded Anglo-Antipodean food stylist, nutrition blogger, presenter and writer Josie Taylor. If you’d like work with her doing any of the above things, please contact the lovely people at


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Oh I’m so glad you did.Josie-Taylor-aka-The-Fresg-Ginger-Australian-living-in-the-UK-talking-all-things-food-life-and-nutrition

Nourishing people gives me jollies. Always has. The greatest thing I think I learned in my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition was how to give myself and other people the energy and clarity of mind they need through food. Prior to that, I’d skip breakfast and wonder why I felt like the world was ending at 11am. Or I’d get mysterious ‘foggy brain’ all the time and get pissed off with myself for not being sharp enough.

I was an actress for 9 years. You might remember me from such celluloid gems as Tamara Drewe, Midsomer Murders, Dr. Who and Hollyoaks Later. Between you and me, I never felt like I was much cut out for the whole actress thing, being kind of an introvert in many ways (although I still do cartoon voiceovers which I LOVE!)

As a little girl, I always told people that I was going to be a chef when I grew up. Well, I haven’t grown up yet, but that career in food did come riding back  into my life a few years ago on a majestic steed called ‘nutrition.’ From cooking to catering, styling to writing and activism, my curiosity for food has infinite horizons.

I’m so excited about where the world of food is going – how we can use the quality of our food and our relationship with it to create better thoughts ideas and feelings. How we can make more conscious choices around the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of eating for a more sustainable future.

I’m not here to tell you what you should exclude from your diet. I don’t think eating should ever feel like a prison. Instead, let’s add good things in, enjoy food that gives us more life, instead of taking it away. Let’s savour all of the choices we make – conscious choices, even the so-called ‘naughty’ ones – with all the adult relish of an orgasmic woman in a chocolate advert.

You ready? I hope we can shake things up together, you and me.

Let’s get fresh.

Josie x


Photos by Rachel Manns for Beauticate. You can read the interview that accompanied the images right here.