Breaking Bad: A Guide (with Pictures)

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Long time followers will know I don’t eat much dairy. After an elimination diet earlier this year, my body had a clear message: “You know that foggy head thing you’ve been getting? The stomach upsets too? Yeah, well we think that’s the cow juice.”

Since then, I've felt really good not having much milk. But then, there are those days. Yesterday was one of them.
I think we have an opportunity on those days. Yes, we all want to know as much as we can about nutrition, but what happens when it becomes a source of self-criticism? A reason to constantly beat ourselves up for making the 'wrong' choices?
I believe the beauty of understanding the impact of the food we eat is that it affords us MORE choices. And what is life but a series of choices? Choices made by adults - not ‘naughty’ kids who’ve ‘been bad.’ Once we take ‘bad’ out of the frame, moments when the other choice gets made can become conscious, almost romantic experiences. Like those orgasmic women in chocolate adverts. Luxuriating on a suedette couch and just.. loving a bit of dairy.
That, for me, is what real nutrition is all about.

Buffalo mozzarella + basil + fig + pomegranate + balsamic + garlic + olive oil. 
What does 'being bad' mean to you?